Welcome to Wensley Derbyshire

Wensley Derbyshire lies on the B5057 just west of Matlock at the far eastern boundary of the peak national park just north of the dry limestone dale that bears its name.  It is a small Township  with lots of walks in the area including the beautiful Wensleydale. There is a village church and schools nearby. between Winster and Darley Dale. Its picturesque setting is enhanced by extensive woodlands and undulating limestone uplands. 

Less than 2 miles north west lies the grit stone and heather covered Stanton-Moor with its ancient barrows and nine ladies stone circle. On the hillside slopes near Wensley, there are feint traces of broad terraced farming, probably dating back to Saxon or iron age farming communities 

In the 18th and 19th centuries , many of the villagers in Wensley and nearby Snitterton would have been employed in the lead mining industry in the fields around the village and Winster. The London Lead Company obtained the mineral rights in the 1720's . But falling production and subsequent mine closures is shown in returns dating from 1861, when the population of these two villages was halved due to fewer workmen in the lead mines.


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